Eastern New York Goat Club, Inc.

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Useful Goat Information 

Goat Supplies

Hoegger Supply Company

Caprine Supply


Valley Vet

Goat Info

has some wonderful articles on goats. The "Kidding Season Mentoring Handbook" is a must read if you are new to goats and are expecting kids. Keep a copy of it in your barn at kidding time to refer to. 

Fiasco Farm has a wealth of information on their site including medication dosages.

Tennessee Meat Goats has a lot of health, nutrition & management articles including medication dosages & health problems of young kids

Easy To Make Goat Coat

Gestation Calculator

Hoof Trimming

The Biology of a Goat - Info on Biology, Anatomy, and Parasites of the Goat - Also has great animations

Emlab Genetics - Can buy P-Tests here. Cow urine pregnancy tests that some breeders say also work for goats. 10 tests + shipping is about $3 a test. 

How to Age Sheep & Goats by Their Teeth 

MidAmerica Agriculture Research Inc. - $5 fecals - Doesn't including cost of shipping to them.

Great Videos from the University of Rhode Island

Why and How To Do FAMACHA© Scoring

Why and How To Do Sheep and Goat Fecal Egg Counts 

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